About Contrabass Sheet Music

This site aims to help double bassists evolve their repertoire to promote the evolving abilities of the modern double bassist. With the many advancements in the equipment and techniques for double bass players in the last century, bass players are finding more and more that the repertoire originally written for the double bass is not enough to be satisfied with . As we strive to perform more advanced music, it is often necessary to delve into music written for other instruments. Although many bassists have performed challenging violin, and cello repertoire, I was surprised to find that there were very few resources online that offered this music to bassists. This site will hopefully fill that need.
I have included some commonly performed works originally written for cello and violin including the Bach cello suites, Brahms Cello Sonata No. 1, and the Franck violin sonata. I will be adding more repertoire to this site periodically.

I have also included a section where users can submit a request for a piece of music not currently on the site, and I will personally transcribe the work to the desired key, octave, etc.

I think you will be happy with the quality and prices of the sheet music.

Best wishes,
-Henry Samuels